Upcoming Programs

We will be announcing the dates for the following programs soon: 

  • Self-of-therapist Group: This aims at a group process with a space for practicing counselors/ therapists to meet periodically, and discuss issues and ideas related to professional growth. The primary goal here is to foster a professional network where one's interests and intentions are honoured, thereby promoting co-consultations on sensitive self-of-therapist experiences and, celebration of meaningful personal-professional moments.

  • Group Therapy Practice Workshop: For those who have a basic knowledge in group therapy, this session would provide experience for each participant to engage in applying particular process ideas and practice specific skills of facilitating a group.

  • Role Play Workshop:  The most exciting element of this exercise is that participants come in with specific therapeutic scenarios that have stumped them! As a group we draw upon theoretical underpinnings that help us explore multiple ways of maneuvering through the scenario.