Abuse and Trauma

Traumatic experiences in any form - abusive (sexual, physical or emotional) relationships as a child, intimate partner abuse, ongoing unfair treatment in hands of other relations such as in-laws or professional seniors/supervisors - can have tremendous negative impact on how we feel, think and act. While we discover ways to heal and cope through life's journey, there are times when we face the effects of these ongoing or past events which may disable or hinder us from living a wholesome, satisfying life. A life where loving oneself and others is not easy. A life where taking care of priorities is not simple. At times, finding a purpose to living that sustains hopefulness is taxing.

When you engage in therapy to address trauma or its impact pertinent to current life priorities, it is of utmost importance to the ASTEP counsellor you work with that you feel safe and in control as you examine perhaps the toughest, darkest moments. Therapeutic goals typically include regaining a sense of control, aligning your efforts with what matters to you now and managing day-to-day thoughts and feelings that are disempowering and reduce functioning (professionally, academically, relationally etc.) While individual gains vary, clients often embark on a journey that helps them see themselves in a new light and thereby in how they carry the trauma and its effect on several aspects of their life.