The Family Therapy Program

A good counselor finds it easily within her reach to reflect on her work critically while being accepting and gentle on her growth. The finer details of her competency lie in her confidence to use methods and tools to interact with clients meaningfully. We believe that a sound foundation and education in systemic perspectives and ethics is key.

When it comes to learning to think and act systemically, there is no bypassing a solid working knowledge of the principles of systems theory. So the first objective is to be able to relate to the idea presented; secondly, to place them in real life situations and finally, to establish its relevance and implications in therapeutic assessment and intervention. 

Family Therapy Program is a 200 hour training course offered once a year and designed for beginning and practicing mental health professionals. Trainees learn 3 very different models of systemic therapies with an aim to create awareness of how one's personal philosophy of change can help guide the best choice of a model to adopt.

Theory seminars, role-plays, clinical practicum, supervision, prescribed readings and assignments constitute the method of learning. In very important ways, this course prepares one to change the way she/he thinks about therapeutic practice, client well-being and bring significant meaning to seeing oneself as a professional or as a prospective counselor. 


Course Curriculum - July 2019

Family Therapy Program 2019 (doc)