I Need Therapy For...

The core of our clients' presenting concerns are labelled and listed under three categories.  Do write to us if you have a question about our ability to support you.    

Life Situations - Adult

Addictive Behaviours 

Low Self-Esteem 

Trust and Intimacy issues 

Stressful Relationships 

Disability related challenges 

Sexual Concerns 

Life Transitions (Eg. Divorce, Ageing, Unemployment) 

Mental Health


Managing loss / Grief

Anxiety, Phobias and OCD

Personality Disorders 

Trauma and Abuse 

Chronic Pain & Fatigue 

Substance Abuse 

Medical Illness


Life Situations - Child


Academic Challenges

Attention Difficulties

Disability related concerns

Sexual Concerns

Trouble making friends

Stealing, lying etc.

Self Injurious Behaviours

If you would like to schedule a session kindly provide us your phone number. We will get in touch soon and help you fix up an appointment.

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