ASTEP, Chennai, India

Our Clients

We hold in great respect a person's willingness to entertain hope. And the courage it takes to seek help in the face of life's challenges. It is this human spirit that fuels our ability to support clients to see new, better possibilities. We believe that the path of effective therapy is paved on client autonomy &  resources and a strong therapeutic relationship.

Our Philosophy

The spirit of ASTEP is reciprocal reliance. It is an existence defined through trust, seeking to be influenced and engaging responsibly to influence another.  Our beliefs are founded on first-hand witnessing of our clients and counsellors evolving through a deliberate process of small meaningful changes. 

Our Counsellor Community

We see ourselves as a progressing community of counsellors held together by our purpose for continual, self-directed and reflective learning. The essence of our fellowship flows from the shared faith in the unparalleled role of the evolving self of the therapist and, the profound impact Ethics have, in enabling effective therapeutic outcomes.