Advanced Model Study

In this training program, a handful of practitioners who have adopted a common systemic model of psychotherapy based on prior learning can come together to explore it in an in-depth manner. A counselor trainee embarks on an insightful journey to educate oneself, befriend and grow with the model that resonates with who they are. 

  • Prior to every Study session, a counselor learns the model in great detail and identifies specific goals in her role as therapist as well as skills she wants to apply/learn for that session.

  • Through a series of role-play sessions, trainees will be able to delve into the intricacies of the model and find themselves valuing its strengths while understanding its shortcomings. 

  • The sessions are video recorded for the invaluable opportunity to observe oneself work with the model. This unique feature is central to the study and aims to bring in better effectiveness in every subsequent session. 

  • Live as well as retrospective supervision is available throughout the study.