Anxiety, Phobias and OCD

Much beyond stress, tension and occasional anxiety in particular circumstances is the overwhelming possibility of things going very wrong. When we experience anxiety as a mental health condition over time, what is dear to us frequently worries us, sometimes frightens us. It's often a physical reaction as well, with an inability to just shake it off or be distracted. We begin avoiding whatever brings us unmanageable levels of concern, distress or fear.

Our counsellors at ASTEP will help you become highly aware of the subtle, habitual yet unhelpful ways in which you may be getting caught in the anxiety producing thoughts, repetitive compulsive behaviors or phobic (fear based) loops. This awareness often opens avenues and empowers you to find alternate ways to engage with the same patterns. Our work would include goals of being better able to relax, self-soothe and find functional ways to re-determine and re-engage in priorities instead of avoiding opportunities and life experiences.