Client Services at ASTEP

How Therapy Works

Here is essential information on psychotherapy to help you understand the nature of our services such as therapeutic gain, risks, logistics of therapy etc. and importantly, your rights as client. We hope that this assists you in making informed choices in the pursuit of psychological well-being. 

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I Need Therapy For...

Our work is informed by a counselling practice of over a decade, which has brought us closer to understanding & facilitating therapeutic change across diverse human experiences, struggles and transformations. This summary of our work could help you decide if our services can address your needs.

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How Change Happens

Here is a brief outline on how the change process in talk therapy looks, over particular life situations and mental health concerns. While every individual / family has unique complexities, we have observed patterns in ways that people utilize therapy in achieving desired outcomes.

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If you have already worked with us and would like to share your thoughts on how the therapeutic process has been for you, please write to us!

Client Feedback