Couple Conflict

Our closest relationships can nurture and satisfy us immensely. And when they become a source of stress and negativity, they can serve to be the most exhausting and tedious stressor that overtakes many aspects of what we do and how we live. Whether the issues pertain to emotional connect, sex, finances, in-laws, infidelity, children or mental health condition of family member, one's wellbeing and soon the quality of life for an entire household face severe effects.

Couple and systemic therapists can be valuable in bringing in a fresh perspective to old problems you may feel hopeless about, identify unhelpful attempts at solving them and discover ways in which you (and your partner) can redefine how you experience this relationship. At ASTEP, we often witness how earnest efforts in a caring relationship yield refreshing growth of oneself through that relationship. This work typically entails profound changes in intimate and daily interactions, shifts in our hopes about what matters in our dynamic and an increase in sense of contentment in how we see ourselves and our partner.