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I believe that therapy is purposeful talk between client and therapist, which allows the client to think, reflect, feel and experience how they see their problem and think of change that helps them grow. When the clients find the change meaningful, this process has been effective. In this journey, there may be hurdles. Feedback helps us explore different avenues in the client's life. The path we travel is collaboratively chosen in a pace comfortable to the client. 

I respect the client for who they are and the resources they bring with them. I instill hope and a safe environment that helps them handle feelings honestly. I work with a keen interest to enter the client's world and actively build an alliance in the best interest of the client: from setting specific goals and creating avenues for change collaboratively. I look forward to witnessing change in clients' lives.

Education & Experience

M.Sc. (Counselling & Psychotherapy), Tamil Nadu Open University, 2015 

MSc. (Psy), University of Madras, 2012

Counselor Education - Disability and Mental Health, Vidya Sagar. 

Advanced Counselor Education (Family Therapy), ASTEP

Intern at IMH (Institute of Mental Health), Chennai

Counselor, Elite Asian Hospital, Chennai

Counselor, ASTEP, Chennai