Relational Distress

Strain and conflict often constitute a natural and healthy part of close relationships. However, there may be situations which last way beyond what we feel we're capable of handling. Managing stressful interactions or difficult relationships then consume so much of our energy, time and focus with little left to ensure care for ourselves. Individuals who struggle regularly with close relationships as well as loneliness may also become prone to mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety.

Relational therapists here at ASTEP will support you in identifying key issues in relationships that either put you in a distressing impasse or suck your energy through high intensity negative interactions such as bitter fights. The most productive way to enable change in such circumstances is to work on essential communications that you or/and your partner (spouse, parent, friend, sibling) bring into the relationship. Our counsellors trained in systemic therapy will assist you to examine and efface the unhelpful, stagnating elements of communication and evolve fresh, appropriate alternatives that would strengthen you relationally and personally.