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The courses on Disability Counseling and Family Therapy, completed alongside under-graduation in psychology, happened to be the starting point that gave me clarity and direction. Since then, the question of what really holds value and how, has guided my decisions in pursuing meaningful work that supports client well-being. 

As part of my master’s program, I had a chance to witness diverse human experiences through internships at NGO, school and hospital settings. Documenting stories of survival and growth through a qualitative research significantly influenced my understanding of lasting change. 

Currently, I work at APL Global School and at ASTEP. In my work, I see a client's emotional experiences as integral to the therapeutic process. I see myself as a process oriented therapist who believes that important changes happen in the here and now of our interactions. 

Education & Experience

MSc. Clinical Psychology, Christ University Bangalore, 2017

Counselor Education - Disability and Mental Health, Vidya Sagar 

Advanced Counselor Education (Family Therapy), ASTEP

School Counselor (full time), APL Global School, Chennai

Auxiliary Counselor, ASTEP, Chennai