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The pursuit of one's most intimate changes is the greatest adventure of our humanity. Changes that push through dark fears, hopelessness and an isolating emptiness. Changes that may take long hours to years of dedicating oneself to endure one's ethics, evolve one's love and persuade that elusive hope. The privilege to closely watch, understand and participate in this journey of a fellow human is that of the therapist’s.

Effective work in therapy begins within a secure space and a mindful dialogue that opens the client to discover new ways of seeing the familiar and old. Inextricably woven into this discovery is a deeper appreciation of one's struggles and purposeful acceptance of one's strengths. While treading this path new possibilities for expression, feeling and relating emerge. Therapeutic focus is on changes that matter to the client. 

Education & Experience

MEd, University of Oregon (Marriage & Family Therapy), 2006

MS, University of Oregon (Special Education), 1999

Group Therapy, Domestic Violence Resource Centre, (US), 2006


   Clinical Private Practice, ASTEP, Chennai, India

   Medical Family Therapy, Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

   Family Therapy Program development, Cancer survivors, OHSU (US)

   Consultant / School Counseling, Abacus, Chennai


   Disability Counseling Course development, Vidya Sagar, India  

   Counselor Education / Training Seminars, Courses, ASTEP, Chennai, India

   Consultant / Counselor Supervisor, APL Global School & ASTEP, Chennai