Substance Abuse

If you are or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse or addiction to alcohol or narcotics, treatment begins with chemical de-addiction. The pervasive nature of addiction involves a widely encompassing deterioration in relationships, work, financial stability, decision making, daily functioning, and so on. While some people around you may feel it is entirely in your hands to make this choice, we at ASTEP, understand that it's more than a simple choice. It's a complex condition that has, at least temporarily, changed the way you think, act and feel.

Alongside stopping substance intake, the issues central to being addressed in therapy have to do with building new ways to manage your feelings, taking it a day at a time, understanding your patterns of dependence and enabling healthy new ways to rely on alternatives. The psychotherapeutic process empowers people to entertain hopefulness based on evidence from their own life. This happens as they go through small but important changes in the quality of their close relationships, ability to perform at work or school and in managing everyday thinking and feeling regarding stressors to make a sense of wellbeing easier to find day after day.